Easy migration of data to DOORS Next Generation

By using our migration and integration tool requisis_MiX you can easily transfer you data from DOORS to DOORS Next Generation (DNG), without the need to modify your data in DOORS Classic prior to the migration. Simply use the fully integrated user interface to map your existing DOORS attributes to the type system in DNG and migrate with a single push of a button. For mass migration an integrated rule module allows to define automatic mapping rules to be applied prior to manual mapping so you only need to deal with non-standard-attributes and reduce the manual effort to an absolute minimum.

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  • Migration from DOORS to DOORS Next Generation (DNG)
  • Synchronization of data between DOORS and DNG


  • User-friendly interface for quick confguration
  • Direct data transfer using Rest API (OSLC) – no export and import required
  • Continuous updates of DNG module possible; optimal support for parallel operation
  • Extensive checks for incompatibilities and possible data loss in the run-up to the migration
  • Migration of attribute-controlled variants into different DNG streams
  • Detailed mapping for artefact types and attributes can be configured
  • Preconfigurable intelligent mapping rules to automatically configure large scale module migrations
  • Transmission of different views to different streams of the same module possible
  • Conversion of attributes to other basic types possible (Enum>String, Int>String, etc.)
  • Enablement of support-assisted migration:

    • Mapping preconfguration by your support team
    • Report generation
    • Execution of the preconfigured mapping after approval

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requisis_MiX in cction

Easy Migration using requisis_MiX

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